Transportation Operation Centre The Transportation Operations Center (TOC) has become a more critical workspace than ever before. The transportation authority is managing complex infrastructure and integrated systems, which is cross-platform and region, Visuals i Pro provides all-in-one control room solutions, which make TOC more efficient to manage your infrastructures and protect sensitive data.


We add Value to your Transportation Operation Center Design

Follow me: User’s personal configuration will follow the workspace wherever he logs in so that the chief can fast access the computers/sources when he login by his user account in the crisis room.
Intuitive video call: An operator can start an internal video talk with other operators intuitively, this is useful when operator A is pushing his task to operator B for assistance, then internal video talk is a good tool for operators to have an instant discussion.
Cross-platform cross-region: The sources can be shared among multiple isolated regions and multiple platforms (Windows, Android, Linux, Mac) Therefore, the operators can access any dynamic information for fast decision-making.
Redundancy over ethernet + fiber: There are both ethernet and fiber port on each node, so that two independent and redundant system (ethernet + fiber) can be configured, and is available for 24/7 continuous operation.
Multi-viewing Monitoring and Controlling: Access and display up to 8 computers simultaneously on any monitor of your workspace, each with multiple and dynamic POP layout available to recall in just a second, for even fast decision-making.
Permissions configuration: We provide a complete user permission administration whereby different types of access to all KVM connected systems and priority levels can be assigned on an individual basis.