References We are user-oriented and committed to creating value for customers, thousands of Control Room, Operation Center, Meeting Room, and supporting infrastructure have been successfully deployed at the highest visibility levels in the industries such as Tranpotation, Public Security, Finance, Telecomm and Energy & Utility.

Emergency Command Center for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)

Earthquakes, floods, or any other disaster, natural or man-made, is a bad threat to life and property. Therefore, the only way to minimize the destruction is to use technology and prevent any further damage.

As a professional command centre solution provider, Visuals i Pro provided a high-efficiency emergency command centre for the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, with its revolutionary IP Based KVM solutions. The command centre was set up to keep a close tab on the spread of Coronavirus within the state and the country.

The Emergency Command Center created by Visual i Pro is a collection of security monitoring, comprehensive coordination, multi-sector interconnection, emergency data, information sharing and unified command, and qualified to well boost the city emergency management with excellent connectivity and collaboration of Visual i Pro.

New Control Room for a Logistic company 

Visuals i Pro designed and deployed a Control Room installed for a logistic company, configured by Visuals i Pro smart KVM over IP technologies; By only a single mouse + keyboard, operators can switch to another server by moving his mouse intuitively across the connected monitors, what’s more up to 8 servers can be accessed simultaneously on one monitor.

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Visuals i Pro assists a Big Brand to build Data Centre

We assisted in building a state-of-the-art Data Centre for a big brand. Visuals i Pro is proud to be involved in designing and building this Data Centre. Relying on the preview of the realtime source, intuitive video control by drag/drop, high-speed signal transmission, great image synchronization features of Visual i Pro IP Based KVM, the brand is now able to present and its technologies of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and cases in the fields of good governance, benefiting people in a dynamic way. It provides a diversified and wisdom platform for government and enterprises to display, communicate, interact and connect.

Smart City Command Center 

All-in-one Command & Control Centre Solutions by Visuals i Pro was deployed to a City Command Center, in order to implement a smart city plan aimed for safety. An integrated video wall and smart workspace system over IP is installed for the stunning LED video wall and the operators there.

This could be achieved with the extraordinary capacity of connectivity and scalability of DS3.0 IP Based KVM system, operators at multiple sites can share information realtime, Therefore, the chief operator can watch any dynamic information for fast decision-making.

New Installations for the City Transportation Authority

Successfully deployed Command Centres for the City Transportation Authority, powered by Visuals i Pro smart Workspace KVM and video wall control over IP technologies.

Network Operation Centre for a Bank

Network Operation Center for a Bank, which has been powered by Visuals i Pro LCD Wall Control Solution over IP, which consists 33 unit LG 49″ display and over 10 remote video sources, an operator can preview all realtime content, drag any source to any video wall layout, and resize it by multi-point touch.

Command Centre installed

Another Command Center installed for authorities, powered by Visuals i Pro IP Based KVM and Wall Processing Solutions. Visuals i Pro all-in-one control room KVM solution is a perfect option for the system integrator. It is applicable to experts in the fields of Data Center, Control Room Console or Video Wall control, system integrator.

Flood Control Command Center

Flood Control Command Center powered by Visuals i Pro IP Based wall control system with many other features.

Observing Control Room for Meteorological Department

Observing Control Room for Meteorological Department, configured by IP Based Video Collaboration system, with build-in LED/LCD Video Wall processor, and KVM matrix and KVM console features.

Traffic Control Center 

New KVM system for Traffic Control Center, configured by Visuals i Pro IP Based KVM system.

All LCD display, workstations and computer/KVM source connect to GB switch via Visuals i Pro DSIII transceiver, HDMI/USB/RS232/RS485/IR are transmitted over CAT for up to 90 meters.

Highlighting of Visuals i Pro KVM traffic control solution is to integrate traditional enclosure, at a compact transceiver, i.e. HD video Matrix+ LED video wall controller + video extender + visualized central controller, say all-in-one so that the installation, cabling and maintenance is quite simple.

Setting up a conference room solutions

Visuals i Pro set up a conference room solution for top officials.

Engineer’s understood the needs and worked towards providing customised solutions, Visuals i Pro’s HD3636 modular and hybrid matrix switcher, iOS AV control system, embedded conference microphone system is involved in the grand conference room, while an HD1010 modular and hybrid matrix switcher is for another space, all the control is on a wireless tablet, with a custom-designed UI, which is easy for any staff there to operate all the audio and video signal managing and controlling, and almost without any training.

The HD3636 matrix switcher is Modular and Scalable, which is compatible with all video formats, such as VGA, CVBS, DVI, HDMI, YPbPr, SDI, RJ45, Optic, Maximum 144×144 channels available, with features like Seamless switching, Auto EDID, Build-in scaler, converter, and audio de-embedder.