P3 LED Display
  • Indoor Rental LED Display
  • Light weight
  • Good Heat Dissipation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Convenient Installation
  • Easy Move

Product Features
1. Accurate position of the locating dowel makes the surface between cabinets flat;
2. Made through CNC, Assembly accuracy 0.1mm, Seamless Assembly;
3. No granular spots and mosiac on the screen, High-degree of color coordinates;
4. Clearer and vivider piture, Seamless, No chromatic;
5. Large viewing angle, Soft image, High resolution;
6. Multi-layer circuit PCB, Lower consumption, Fast Heat-emmiting, Longlife, High stability;
7. Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet, Lighter and Slimmer, High accuracy;
8. Easy to assemble and detach the cabinets;
9. Working Noise: Less than 40DB, Have no influence on the viewing effect;
10. SMD2121 led, Ultra-low decay, Weather resistance;
11. High contrast ratio up to 5000:1;
12. SMD full color led chip.