Smart meeting rooms are common these days. But, it is important to have the right kind of meeting rooms, for one’s company. Meeting rooms help in building a collaborative environment within the company. It promotes the ideology of brainstorming, planning, communicating ideas across the table, effective discussing, sharing ideas and taking key decisions in the company.
Backing meeting rooms with the right Audio Video technology is critical, clear communication leads to a fruitful meeting. There are a lot of things which cater to making a meeting room perfect for thinking, learning and implementing. With our tech support, every monitor at any meeting rooms can be connected to any computer. It is uniquely done through H.265 encoder and decoder. These encoders and decoders can transmit FHD/4K video, through a standard Gigabit Ethernet.
Collaboration work can share information with more than one system. Presentations can be shared via the drag and drop method, with an in-house or remote location participant. Mentioned below are the features of our meeting rooms solutions which will add value to your company.
Synchronized Displaying: With the synchronized displaying in place, content from screen A can be simultaneously be played on-screen B for better collaboration. Regardless of the scale of the video.
Scheduler: The scheduler in the system, any preset displays and days can be re-called with the scheduler. It can be done manually or through the preset time in the system.
Surround Controller: Devices surrounding your environment can be controlled seamlessly. This is done by RS232/485, IO, IR and more. Displays like DVD’s, player, light system and more can be controlled with just click on the display.
Tablet Controller: The PC can be accessed from any remote location be it Linux/Windows/ Android or any other OS system.
Multiple Collaboration: Operators can access information from any location via any platform for effective decision making. The source can be shared among multiple isolated regions.