The command and control centre at government offices and rescue team operations play a very critical role. Command and control centres help government bodies to take quick decisions during any natural or man-made calamities. Video wall solutions, face and touch id, smart workplace provides all the required for prompt and tactical decision making.
It is important to understand why a command and control centre is needed.
  • Technology-driven backed services, for better monitoring and assessment.
  • National security.
  • An amalgamation of various government services.
  • To achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Improving operational and tactical operations.
  • Eagle Eye View for decision making.
Given below are the best in the world solutions for the command and control centres.
Multiple- Setting Video Collaboration: With the multi-location collaboration, data of all the centres i.e. command centres, board rooms, meeting rooms, and other important locations. The technology also allows the operator to control multiple workspaces via mouse, keyboard or a simple touch.
Synchronised Displaying: Synchronised refers to different screen content can be merged into one single display system. I.e. content on screen A can be merged with screen B and these two, can be later be merged into screen C for a better command and control experience.
Clever KVM over IP: With the smart KVM technology, screens can be accessed smoothly. Screens can also be shared seamlessly. In case of a serious problem is detected, the said screen can be shared with the right department for quick action.
Supports 8K resolution: Visual i Pro technology consists of highly efficient software with hardware coding technology. The system also supports encoded video streaming from dedicated stations/ servers with 8k resolution. The system can also decode files to display on the video wall.
Video Wall Control: The system depicts real-time content preview, content on the video wall can be triggered from anywhere. The other feature includes – drag and drop for overall file control. Content also resized, re-positioned with zoom-in/out feature.
Face and Touch ID: With the support, Artificial Intelligence files can be secured with the utmost care and security. With the support of artificial intelligence, the Face ID feature in the system provides great security. The user of the system can log in within a few seconds, the systems also shut down within a few seconds once the user has left the premises. Unless the camera sights the login face.
Login Credentials: During a crisis, the operator can log into any device/systems and get quick access to all his data on the logged-in system.
Authorization: The OSD administrator controls all the computers, therefore giving specific file access permission to every computer. The permission ranges from – Exclusive – Share – View Only and Private.
Smart Workplace: The monitor can display 8 computers simultaneously for easy data viewing. Any displayed image/picture can be resized, repositioned. The system can use over six display layouts.
Screen Switching: The operator can shift between screens by moving the mouse cursor from monitor A to B.
Monitor Control: There are a lot of features with our new display system. The operator can view every data for real-time. Monitor display can be controlled via a simple drag and drop feature. Server access can be checked and disconnected if found unwanted.
In-house Video Call: The head operator can make an internal video call to solve any internal issues. This could be of the system, work-related and more.