Dynamic and Intuitive Control Rooms Intuitive Video Wall Processing over IP & Dynamic KVM over IP solutions for use in mission-critical environments, such as command & control, integrated operations centers, network operations centers, emergency operations centers.
(In a Mission-Criticial Environment, Control room, data gathering, information displays, monitoring and incident response promtly is tatical for end users ).


We add value to your Command & Command Centre

Storing Computers In Server Room: Computers/sources could be separated from the workspace and stored in the server room, where they are safe, air-conditioned,so that heat and noise emissions in the office can be eliminated.
Intuitive Video Wall Control: Realtime content preview, whatever local or remote sources, ensure the correct content can be always switched to the video wall intuitively.​ Free drag-and-drop to control the sources on the video wall, Maximum 16 x FHD(or 4 x 4K) multi-viewing on a single display
Smart KVM over IP: Workspace operators can access computers/sources seamlessly, and share/cast them to other operators or video wall by hotkey. Once break news happened, it can be reported and cast to other relevant operators and video wall immediately. 
Visualized KVM Control Panel: Preview all source real-time at OSD, Access up to 8 computers/channels simultaneously on one monitor, and have multi-viewing with dynamic layout, on any monitor of your workspace.
Cross Monitor Switching: Visuals i Pro DS3.0 KVM decoder enables an operator to connect the unlimited monitor on his workspace console; By only one mouse + keyboard, Operator can switch and control between computers intuitively just by moving the mouse cursor from one monitor to another, with an experience.
Permissions Configuration: There shall be 4 permissions levels for Administrator to manage operators’ permission to access a source, EXCLUSIVE, SHARE, VIEW ONLY and PRIVATE. Each user could be assigned individual user permissions which can be fully customizable.