Visuals i Pro became a trendsetter in the LED industry by offering quality, custom and durable products to customers worldwide.
We strive to offer creative solutions, reliable products, and dependable service for our industry-leading LED display technologies. Driven by excellence to meet your standards, Visuals i Pro offers one-of-a-kind designs for your tour, event or installation through our award-winning line of LED video walls and video screens. Working directly with architects, designers, engineers and consultants, Visuals i Pro operates as a design/deployment partner for some of the most creative and innovative visual projects.
Our products have won numerous awards and have excelled in a variety of challenging environments for a number of diverse clients.  Knowledge gained from the demanding touring market has enabled us to design reliable, cost-effective solutions for unique, permanent installations for any LED display need. Through carefully crafted designs, Visuals I Pro has stayed on the cusp of innovation, serving many industries.

Indian Based Company
Visuals i Pro is an Indian based company. We strive to support our customers every step of that way and that allows us to guarantee our work, support and service to our clients more efficiently and effectively.

We strive to offer products and services for virtually any and all applications where LED video display needs arise. Having a one-stop-shop can help alleviate the need for multiple vendors and give you one central source for all of your video display deployments.

Support and Service
Knowing that you and your products are at the forefront of our company’s mind after the job is done is key to success. We offer industry-leading warranty programs, support and service that give you peace of mind in your choice to choose Visuals i Pro.

Our Mission
To create customer-driven solutions in the world of professional LED video solutions. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products at an unrivalled value across the world.